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Identifying & Treating Common Lawn Problems

Below is a list of descriptions and photos of a few common issues in a lawn. If you have any problem or questions, feel free to bring in a sealed sample and pictures and we'll do our best to help you diagnose any issues! 

I'm seeing signs of damage to my lawn, and I think it's an insect problem, but I'm not sure.

Try a soap flush:

  • Mix 4-5 Tablespoons Dish Soap in 2 Gallons Water

  • Pour onto an area of your lawn 4-6 square feet big.

  • Within 5 minutes, any insects should come out of your soil.

  • Rinse area well with hose after performing test to prevent dead patches in your lawn.

Seeing some insects is normal, but when a huge number of insects emerge you can assume there is a significant insect problem that needs to be addressed.

Moles vs Voles


  • "M"eat eaters - (grubs/worms/insects)

  • large tunnels in your lawn with large exits


Treat with repellent or attack their food source.

  Repellant     Grub Killer+        Dylox    


  • "V"egetarians - (roots of plants)

  • small tunnels/exit holes


Treat with repellent.




If you have dead spots and think there are grubs, do a soil test first. Mole activity is also usually an indicator of a grub presence.

Take a shovel and dig through the root base of the grass, then slide the shovel horizontally under the roots and rotate the shovel upwards to lift the grass. You will be able to see if grubs are present.

Most grubs are a larvae stage Japanese Beatle. Treating for grubs can reduce Japanese Beatle problems later in the year.

  • You can either treat the immediate problem, or try to prevent it from happening.


Milky spore can take up to 3 yrs to work, but is a long lasting treatment 

Milky Spore     Grub Killer+        Dylox    

Army Worms


Armyworms are destructive pests that consume turf grasses. They eventually become moths, but it's the worm-like larvae stage that cause the most damage.


When large numbers are present in your lawn, armyworms may seem to march side-by-side across your lawn causing brown spots. Heavy infestations can destroy lawn grasses in just a few days.


You can treat with liquid or granular, but both at the same time is the MOST effective treatment.

   Bifen I/T       Grub Killer+        Dylox    

Reading Soil Test
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