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A Story About Quality:


While searching the area for suppliers of products to create our top-quality line of mulches, one potential supplier was asked, "What type of mulch is this?". When he replied, "If the customer asks if it's hardwood mulch, then it's hardwood, if they ask if it's pine, then it's pine."

Not only were they instantly disqualified as a supplier, but a mission of Drum Landscape Supply was provide homeowners and landscapers a product true to its name and define the different qualities each mulch holds for their use.


Below is a list of descriptions and photos of our current inventory. Stop in to get a first-hand look, or give us a call at (704) 209-4027 to inquire about other mulches we may have available. Our mulch is sold by the cubic yard, and can be delivered to surrounding areas including Statesville, Hickory, Mooresvile, NC and more!

Rubber Mulch
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12year Color Lock.png
IPEMA Certified to ASTM F3012
IPEMA Certified to ASTM F1292


Brown Rubber Mulch
Black Rubber Mulch




Made from 100% recycled rubber

12-Year color warranty through Groundsmart

Will not fade, rot, compress or lose its original beauty; even after years of exposure to the elements

IPEMA certified for playgrounds

Won’t attract termites, carpenter ants or other damaging insects

More than 2X the fall height rating of wood mulch

Sold in Bags and Supersacks

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