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What is a cubic yard?

A cubic yard is a unit of measurement we use for large volumes of landscape and construction materials.

All of our bulk products are sold in cubic yard increments, as well as 1/2 and 1/4 yard increments if needed.


Picture a cube that is 3 feet in each direction. 

Three inches is the recommended depth for new garden beds. If you’re putting in a new stone or mulch bed, an easy way to figure out what you need is to find the square footage of each area (multiply the width and length of each bed), then add the areas of each bed together and round up to the nearest half yard increment.

You can also use our Cubic Yard Calculator, above!

If you are picking up, a regular size pick-up truck can carry around one cubic yard of mulch (depending on bed length and toolboxes) , but only half a cubic yard of stone due to stone weighing more than mulch. 

If you are ordering materials for delivery, our single axle dump trucks can fit up to 18 cubic yards of mulch, and as much as 5 cubic yards of most stone. 

For more information please call us in the office at 704-253-7010.

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