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Soil & Sand

Below is a list of descriptions and photos of our current inventory. Stop in to get a first hand look,
​or give us a call at (704) 253-7010 to inquire about other mulches we may have available.


Soil and sand are sold by the cubic yard.


Our blended topsoil is wonderful for vegetable gardens, landscape beds, and your lawn. It is a certified and tested blend of compost, mulch fines and pulverized dirt.

A fine soil great for vegetable gardens and amending any soil for planting. It has 50% more of the same quality organic matter as  our regular blend, with black or dark brown color.

Garden Soil

100% OMRI certified organic compost. A great addition to liven up your garden bed from the year before - a little bit goes a long way. 

OMRI Certified Compost


Daddy Pete's Lawn & Garden

The same Daddy Pete's you know and love - now in bulk! Their blend of lawn and garden soil includes cow manure and pine fines, two ingredients that are sure to make your garden a success!

Our mortar sand is a fine, consistent orange-brown sand for mixing with portland cement for stone or brick applications.

Red Mortar Sand

This soil blend has compost, peat moss, and pine fines which gives it plenty of drainage and makes it perfect for raised beds. Also includes a processed chicken litter fertlizer. 

Organic Raised Bed Mix

Our white beach sand is a pure white sand that stays cool in the heat. It's soft feel is great for bare feet.

White Beach Sand

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