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In our garden center at Drum Landscape Supply you'll find top quality, hand-selected shrubs, trees and perennials that are chosen for their ability to thrive in your landscape, all at great prices.

Let our owner, Jason Drum guide you through the selection process to find just the right plant for your needs. Jason is a NC Certified Plant Professional, and his passion for plants shows in our incredible selection of unique, well-maintained plants.

We also have several other staff who are very knowledgeable about plants and can help you design your landscape. 

Listed below are only some of the items we commonly stock in our nursery. We change and update our stock often, so the best way to see what we have in stock is to call or come by!

Can't find a plant?

We might have it in our stock of unusual plants, or If it grows here, we can almost certainly locate it for you and will have it available in as little as one day to two weeks.​

Not sure what it is?

Bring in pictures or cuttings of something you've seen and there's a good chance we can identify it.​


We warranty all verified plant purchases by retail customers for one year up to the value of purchase. We will replace them once within that year.

For a replacement you must:

  • Have a receipt (we keep purchases under your name if you give it to us at time of purchase).

  • Bring the dead plant back. We will take a look to try to make helpful suggestions for success with your replacement. 

Planting Instructions Pamphlet Size (1).png

We also carry select plants from the following collections:

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