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Thuja orientalis 'Morgan'


    The Morgan Chinese Arborvitae is a fantastic dwarf tree for containers, small spaces, and rock or zen gardens. This Thuja shrub is hardy, adaptable, tolerant and easy to grow. With a pleasant conical to pyramidal, naturally clean shape and out of this world color the Morgan Thuja is a huge hit with our customers with exceptional taste!


    Let's talk color! This evergreen chameleon has a golden to lime green color in late spring and summer. As the weather cools a rusty orange takes over the foliage. In the full chill of winter this bronze color often deepens to a regal burgundy purple. You will enjoy quite a show year-round with this Chinese Arborvitae. With shades of yellow, green, red, orange, and purple the Morgan Thuja is truly a chameleon plant!

    Arborvitae 'Morgan'

    • 5-9

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