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Azalea 'Arctic Rose'


Azalea shrubs are the perfect bridge between the spring blooming bulbs and summer blooming perennials. Their cheery flowers and often evergreen leaves always look fresh and ready for any season. Arctic Rose Azalea has the added interest of a variegated leaf pattern to give interest to the garden even when its finished blooming. The large rose red  blooms have a long blooming period of 2-3 weeks

Evergreen Arctic Rose works well as one of the “bones” of the garden. It gives year round shape to planted areas while contrasting and blending well with bulbs, perennials and other blooming shrubs. In order to ensure May blooming, Arctic Rose should be planted in a spot that has protection from the harshest of the winter winds. 

Azalea 'Arctic Rose'

  • 5-8

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