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Milky Spore for Grubs provides safe and effective grub control which can remain active in the soil for as much as 20 years. To get this long lasting control you should apply Milky Spore at least 3 times a year for 2 years. You should apply Milky Spore grub control granules with a drop spreader in the Spring, Summer, and Fall for 2 years to create the long term residual. Each 20 lb bag of Milky Spore will cover 7000 square feet. Milky Spore is safe to use along with other herbicides and fertilizers and it is harmless to birds, bees, and fish. Safe to use around pools or ponds. Milky Spore contains Milky Spore disease bacterium (Bacillus popillae) that kills grubs in a way that is environmentally safe and highly recommended by professional and organic gardeners.No grazing restrictions for companion animals, (horses, llamas etc).

Milky Spore Powder

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