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Mirimichi Green Weed Control is a fast-acting, nonselective, organic herbicide that can be used for residential, commercial, and non-crop uses. It is a great natural alternative to traditional weed killer products. 


The formulation is available in an easy-mix concentrate and in a ready-to-use spray. The product does not require a surfactant and will start showing results after just 15 minutes. The powerful organic formula acts on contact and is rainfast in two hours after drying. Because Mirimichi Green Weed Control is rapidly broken down in the soil, there is no chance for environmental buildup or runoff into waterways and it will not leach through the soil to harm desirable plants. The EPA registered and OMRI Listed product is sure to control and burndown annual and perennial weeds and grasses.

Mirimichi Green Weed Control is safe to be used around people, pets, and livestock when used as directed; review the product label for instructions.

Mirimichi Green Pro Weed Control

  • Controlling weeds in gardens, greenhouses, walkways, farmsteads, and flower beds or spot treating around ornamental trees, bushes, flowers, and landscaping beds.

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