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Party Princess 'Kaori Hime' Tea Olive


If you love Tea Olive like we do, we think you're really going to adore this diminutive cold-hardy cutie as much as we do! While Party Princess Tea Olive has a shape and form much like the species the size of the plant and its 1/2-inch leaves are much smaller. 'Kaori Hime' in the scientific name translates to "Fragrant Princess," and boy do the abundant full-size flowers on this one pack a fragrant punch...and they're showy as well against the backdrop of deep green leaves. So make sure to plant this one near patios, decks, porches and other outdoor living spaces where the fragrance can be enjoyed during fall and early winter, and the attractive foliage year round. You'll be happy to know that this one starts to bloom when plants have reached just a few inches in height. We're not sure the mature size but don't anticipate it growing more than maybe to to 8 feet tall over time, which at a growth rate of 4 inches per year could take 20 years or more. That said, it responds very well to pruning so can be kept at a much smaller size making it a perfect fit for small garden spaces and containers, where it can even be trained for bonsai. 

Osmanthus 'Party Princess'

  • 6-9

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