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Welcome spring in style!

Be the first on your block with colorful blooms in spring with Black Hat® rhododendron. This very early blooming rhododendron is a confection of ruffled lavender flowers in the first few weeks of spring, each a rounded cluster atop a spray of leathery evergreen foliage. It's the foliage that gives this plant its name, in fact - its a very dark purple-green, reaching near black tones, especially in cooler weather. This gives in undeniably drama and chic and really sets it apart from other early blooming rhodies. Thick, durable blooms ensure longer lasting blooms over a longer period, too. 


Top reasons to grow Black Hat rhododendron:

- Very bright purple flowers in early spring, when your soul is aching for color and life outdoors.

- Leathery evergreen foliage is a deep purple-green, giving it a handsome presence in the landscape.

- Flowers last longer than other early blooming selections.

Rhododendron 'Black Hat'

  • 4-8

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