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Strobe 50 WG is a professional systemic fungicide that can be applied preventatively and can clear existing diseases away easily. It is a wettable granular compound to be mixed with water for a sprayed solution. Strobe 50 WG will stop the disease in its tracks, regardless of what stage the disease is in at the time of application and is absorbed by the plant's crowns, leaves and roots. Strobe 50 WG Broad Spectrum Fungicide is comparable to Syngenta Heritage and is just as effective. Use on athletic fields, golf courses, recreational areas and parks for turf, ornamentals, and conifers.

Strobe 50 WG - 1 lb

  • Anthracnose, Brown patch, Downy mildew, Gray leaf spot, Leaf blights, Leaf spots, Necrotic ring spot, Powdery mildew, Pythium blight, Rust, Snow mold, Summer patch, Take-all patch, Zoysia patch and others
    * See label for complete list

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