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Subdue GR Granular Fungicide is a granular fungicide specially formulated to control a wide range of diseases in plants in nurseries. Contains Mefenoxam that can be used to control Phytophthora infestans which causes late blight. Highly effective to control certain diseases such as zygocactus, artemisia, begonia, geranium, snapdragon, zinnia, impatiens, coleus, caladium, Schefflera, and other listed diseases. Subdue GR Granular Fungicide is ideal for use in turf, ornamentals, and plants grown in nurseries such as nonbearing citrus, conifers, nut trees, and nonbearing deciduous fruits. See the label for the complete application rates and instructions. Available in a 25-pound bag.

Subdue Gr Granular

  • Aglaonema, dieffenbachia, pothos, Schefflera, sedum, zygocactus, Algerian ivy, artemisia, aster, begonia, caladium, carnation, coleus, foxglove, gaillardia, phlox, pinks, prostrate salvia, verbena, and other listed diseases.

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