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Viburnum macrocephalum 


Popular deciduous flowering shrub in the Viburnaceae family. It is native to mainland China.

It prefers moist acidic well-drained soils, tolerant of pruning, and is adaptable to other locations.

This shrub produces profuse dome-shaped, rounded, infertile flowers in the spring and some areas produce a flush bloom in the fall. The flowers emerge chartreuse then quickly turn to white and are sterile with no fragrance.


The leaves are semi-evergreen in the southernmost growing zones, opposite and pubescent with serrate margins. Since the blooms are sterile, there is no fruit production.


Use this plant as a specimen, in groups, for borders, in foundation plantings, or for informal hedges. It has good disease resistance.

Viburnum 'Macrocephalum' Chinese Snowball

  • 6-9


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